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Birth of Sahara - the helping hand. Mental Health and Wellness.

Experience change with Dr. Aarti.

If you have reached here after struggling with your personal and psychological issues that have been interfering with your daily activities, then you are in the right place. Sahara - The helping hand was started in January 2013 by Dr. Aarti as a small online help group with an aim to support adolescents, teenagers, and young adults facing relationship issues or career conflicts. With time and experience, Sahara has now grown to extend its professional services in the form of Individual counseling, couples therapy, family counseling, and group interventions as well.

At Sahara, we believe in personalized therapies based on the needs and requirements of the client. We are flexible in our approach and allow the clients to accelerate the session. Equal importance is given to the ice-breaking sessions in which the therapist plays a huge role in easing out the client. We understand that every individual faces different issues and no two people are alike. Hence, we spend adequate time understanding every case with patience and care.

A brief about Dr. Aarti

Committed to the profession of Psychology, Dr. Aarti has experience in studying, teaching, research, and mentoring for a decade. She completed her Doctoral studies at the Central University of Hyderabad and chose academics for her professional growth. Currently, she teaches Psychology at GITAM University.

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