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  • 4 Sessions

    4 x - 1-hour sessions at a discount. For Individuals & Kids
    Valid for 3 months
    • Online / Offline Session for Individuals
  • 4 Sessions - Couples

    4 x - 1-hour sessions at a discount for Couples
    Valid for 2 months
    • Online / Offline Session for Couples
  • 2 Sessions - CG

    For Career Guidance
    Valid for one month
    • Career Guidance Session at Clinic
  • 2 Sessions - RT

    For Relaxation Therapy
    Valid for one month
    • Relaxation Therapy at Clinic
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Services at Sahara by Dr. Aarti

Psychological | Mental Health | Academic



Unable to understand where to start your procrastinated work? Do you feel demotivated to complete certain tasks due to personal issues occupying your mind? Perhaps you are aware of these problems but have no solution to deal with them. Counselling will not give you a fixed solution to your problem. That is not what a counsellor does. The role of a counsellor is limited to helping the client understand their situation, assess their resources and collectively come up with a workable solution. Do not fall for the claims wherein professionals guarantee you a fixed solution. That will be short-lived and create dependency. Rather, opt for a genuine counselling experience which will help you understand yourself better and motivate you to work towards goal achievement. Number of sessions required for an effective result - 4 to 6 sessions.

Group Discussion

Social support is an important aspect in managing several life crises. Most often we feel better if comforted by our peers and by hearing out their stories. The purpose of support groups is to meet occasionally and discuss commonly occurring issues that like-minded people are dealing with. For instance pregnancy, postpartum, queer support etc are a few groups that can be formed. Watch out for Weekly sessions on Saturdays or Sundays on our website.

Corporate Tie-ups

Business Meeting

Corporates should commonly engage in dealing with the issues faced by their employees. However, many concerns demand professional guidance and can foster the work-life balance of any individual. Given a workplace settling, many employees do not find it comfortable to disclose their mental health concerns or even their personal life issues that have been hindering their performance. In such cases, intervention by an external counsellor becomes necessary to bring the best out of the person. At Sahara, we cater to the needs of corporates and look forward to meaningful associations in helping the company grow through our services. We also offer internships for undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to learn counselling skills and therapies. Tie-ups with educational institutions are welcome.



Therapy encompasses several tested psychological techniques that help in promoting mental health. You can choose from a wide range of interventional techniques that will calm your mind and body. Several relaxation therapies are designed to ease unwanted stress. There are also cognitive therapies to reframe your existing thought process. One can also look for behavioural modification therapies that help in undoing certain behaviours that are problematic to the individual, peers, family or society. Number of sessions required for an effective result - 4 sessions on a weekly basis.

Career Guidance


This is mainly developed for teenagers and young students who are unable to decide their future course of action in the field of education and work. By assessing the personality type and discovering the core skills of the client, career options are presented to choose from. We promote and believe that any individual can excel in whatever field they choose, with hard work and patience. However, the idea of career guidance is to suggest possible fields and careers that one can evaluate based on their traits. Number of sessions required for an effective result - 2 sessions.


Life Coach

Sahara is supported by several individuals who directly and indirectly extend their skills in various forms. Monthly workshops are organised for training young minds, and to inculcate new learning through experienced manpower. For instance, workshops are designed for teacher training, children camps for improving their brain skills, psychology workshops for students and more.


Self Study

Research and statistics has been a forte of Dr. Aarti and she has guided many students of Masters and helped people pursuing their Ph.D. with their analysis. With an experience of over 7+ years she has a keen understanding of several topics in Psychology and allied areas. Students and firms can approach for large data analyses using statistical softwares. Usually the timeline depends on the kind of research and may vary from 2-6 months.

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